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Unlimited Blow-Drys at Elevan

Elevan's Luxurious Blow-Dry Club!

Love that salon finish that leaves you feeling fantastic?
Introducing the Elevan Bow-Dry Club! An exclusive opportunity to get unlimited blow drys every month for one inclusive price allowing you to achieve that salon feeling whenever you want!

Plan blow drys flexible to your schedule, whether it's for work, a major event, or simply some "me time." 
Our stylists utilize the highest-quality salon products, ensuring that your hair feels healthier, stronger, and your colour lasts longer.

Become a member for £65 per month!

  So what exactly is the Blow-Dry Club?

Unlimited Blow-Drying!

As good as it sounds! Unlimited blow-drying appointments, scheduled at your convenience.

Professional Products

Only the best salon products are chosen specifically for you! 

Bring A Friend For Free

Here at Elevan we believe in sharing the experience. Treat a friend once a month to the blow-dry club experience. Free of Charge!

Haircare Tips

 Looking for advice on how to keep your hair healthy and luxurious? Our Stylists are here to help!

Unlimited Styling, Curling & Straightening 

Get the Elevan finish with your choice of style!

Pampering Shampoo Bar Experience

Bespoke cleansing and conditioning products are chosen to suit your hair!

How does it work? 

Once you have contacted us, signed up, and paid for your month, you can book as many blow-drys as you'd like by calling the salon at 01842 811 600 or messaging us on Facebook!

-Appointments are for 45 Minutes.
- Bring a friend once a month for free! Just give
us a heads up so we can book accordingly.

*Terms and Conditions

This is an UNLIMITED membership offering. Members may book any number of appointments during their subscription period. However there are rules in place to make sure that all members receive a fair "allowance" – availability is also dictated by the business's schedule.


Club Members who no show appointments may be charged a penalty fee of £10.

Standard appointments are a maximum of 45 minutes each.

Each Club member may bring one new friend for one appointment every month as part of their membership subject to the availability of double blocks.

Limited membership with an option to continue membership.

You can cancel at any time by calling the salon on 01842 811 600.

Elevan does not offer refunds.

We reserve the right to refuse service if members attend an appointment more than 10 minutes late.

There are no guarantees made of frequency or availability of appointments to members. During busier periods less availability will be given to club members.

Members may not select a preferred member of staff.

Availability can be requested, however it is the sole discretion of the salon to answer these requests.

For convenience members are able to book 2 appointments ahead

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Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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